Friday, February 11, 2011

For guys only...

Not that I really think that there are a slew of males who read my blog, but if you are a male and you're clueless as to what to get your honey for Valentine's Day, this post is for you!
Are you excited? I thought so.
Now, guys, let's suppose you've got $100 that you're wanting to spend on your gal. I've compiled a small list of things that you should not buy:
1. Goodness gracious, please do NOT spend $99.99 on this velour footie/hoodie. Don't get me wrong--it looks super cozy and comfy, but for that price?? Seriously? Just don't do it. If she's a laid back, comfy kind of gal, head to Target or Old Navy and get her some cute pj pants for $15. She'll probably like them better anyway.
Note: These said pj pants should probably not be the only thing you should get her for Valentine's Day though...
2. Want to guess how much this "Playbear Bunny" costs? You guessed it!...$99.99. I'll admit this teddy bear company is very creative (you really should take a look at some of them!), but I just can't imagine how I would react if I received a $100 teddy bear (dressed like a playboy bunny) from my significant other.

3. OK. I know what you're thinking about this one: "Girls LOVE chocolate!" And, yes, most of us do love chocolate. And to be honest, this box of chocolates looks divine to me, but this "divine looking" box 'o chocolates costs nearly $80! If your girl is a fan of chocolate, go to a local bakery and get her a small box of chocolate covered strawberries or a couple of truffles. You'll save money (which can be used on something else for her!), she'll love it, and she won't feel 15 lbs heavier after indulging. (Another thought: You could make her something sweet! That would be meaningful and yummy!).

4. Now. If I have to go into the reasons why you should not buy your valentine an oversized teddy bear, then we have a bigger problem than I thought. Teddy bears like this one...

...can cost $200. Yes. $200. Also, where in the world do you keep a teddy bear that size? Seriously guys, steer clear of the oversized stuffed animals.
I bet I know what you're thinking now: "OK, LT! You're so wise, and you've guided me through the what-not-to-buys, but I'm still hanging here! What DO I buy for my honey?"
Well, here you go...
If you're wanting to spend $100 or less on your girl, here are a few ideas that come to mind:
1. Gift cards. I know they're not always fun to give, but they're great to receive! You could get her a gift card for a massage, pedicure, manicure, spa, boutique, etc...
2. Jewelry. What girl doesn't like jewelry, right? Perhaps you should take her sister or best friend to shop with you for this, though. :)
3. FLOWERS. Yes. They're cliche' and I'd be careful if you decide to go this route. Some girls don't love receiving flowers because it's so common, they can get a little pricey, and well, they eventually die. But I, for one, LOOOVE flowers and could never get tired of receiving them! I don't think you have to spend an arm and a leg, either. And if you want to make it a little more personal, don't just order red roses because it's Valentine's Day. Send a bouquet of her favorite flowers (Tulips?..which are my personal fave!, daisies?).
4. Make her something. Buy a small album, scrapbook, etc., fill it with pictures of the 2 of you, and write in it. If you want to score big points with your girl, create an book of "100 things I love about you" and in addition to filling it with pictures, you could include a list of why you love her so. I know for me, I'd much rather you spend your time than your money on a gift.
5. Finally, think about some thing(s) she's wanted for a while: a book, some shoes, an article of clothing, a scarf, etc. It will show that you actually pay attention to her when she talks to you! Also, this may be a better suggestion for those of you who have been with your significant other for a while! :)
Happy shopping, guys!
And those of you who will be spending February 14 with your honey, then a very
Happy Valentine's Day to you!
I'm looking forward to spending my Valentine's Day going to the dermatologist. :)

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Dwell in possibility said...

I totally agree with all the "not to give" gifts. I have a rule that I have to repeat every year: Do not buy me anything for Valentine's Day! Save the gifts for my birthday - that's what I say. My contrary nature makes me anti-jewelry and anti-flowers too. I'm totally down with #5 though. Also, I like spontaneous trips to pretty much anywhere (even the mall! hahaha).