Friday, February 18, 2011


Please tell me you know about the BeDazzler.
I'm pretty sure I wanted one when I was about 8....didn't you? True, I never owned one of these, but I think I've reverted back to my childhood a little. Don't worry--I didn't go out and buy a BeDazzler, but I do feel a little "BeDazzled" right now.
You know about the unfortunate cast, right?
Well, I truly believe that people should never underestimate the creativity of elementary teachers. Here's what we can do:
My casted foot before:

And my casted foot after:
(My students pretty much think this is the coolest thing ever).

Please let me know if you're ever "casted," and my teacher friends and I would be happy to come and help you get BeDazzled.

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Wade's World said...

I have never been casted (knock on wood!), but I love that you can rock a bedazzled cast. That is beyond cool!