Monday, September 19, 2011


Ever tried to get a 4 and a half year old, 1 and a half year old, and newborn all to cooperate for a picture?
I think this was my first time to witness such an event.  It's exhausting.
Fortunately, if you catch Henry in the right mood, he'll sit still for a few minutes for a picture or two (he's my sister's child, after all!). Also,  Noelle is obviously immobile, so she's pretty easy too (unless she's eating, sleeping, or pooping!  Her 3 favorite things!).
Now...Jones is another story.  He's a toddler, and though I'm not a parent, I would think that the toddler years would be the most challenging.  Jones is a sweet, SWEET boy, but he's so active and into everything!  Heather wasn't sure how Jones would react to meeting Noelle for the first time.  We all actually thought that he would really care nothing about her at this point.  After all, he's got more important things on his mind, like food and balls!

We were wrong though.

He wants to touch her constantly, and says "awww!!!!" when he sees her.  
  It really is the sweetest thing! 

Getting him still for a picture is another story though. 
He's not really quite at the age where he understands to pause and smile when there's a camera present. 
And again, he really just cares about food and balls. are just a few of the attempts of the 3 of them together (please note that Kristen, Heather, and I were all using our cameras at one time, hoping to capture just one of Jones being still!)

Attempt 1:

Blurry, but hilarious.  Henry is shielding Jones' smiling face from his baby sister!

Attempt #2:

We're pretty sure Jones is trying to climb into the chair with her.


I love this one, but neither boy was really interested in actually looking at the camera.

And my favorite one of all! 
And it only took approximately 50 shots to try to get them all to cooperate.

My 3 loves.

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Wade's World said...

Oh my word, Henry and Jones are so handsome (and look so much alike!), and Noelle is beautiful! Love the final pic!