Friday, September 16, 2011

Grindin' for our State...

Despite the outcome of last night's game, we State fans still had a blast and we'll continue to GRIND FOR OUR STATE!!!
The weather was, in my opinion, perfect football game weather, which makes tailgating even more fun!
Me and HEGS.  I wonder how many pictures we have of the 2 of us in this exact location!
So happy to run into my sweet "teacher friend" Stacy!

My pretty sister.

HARPER!  We were childhood friends and KDs together at State.  So fun to see her.

My buddy,  Jones. 
Another sweet buddy of mine, Thomas Brodie!

I didn't get to see Henry and Rob before the game, but I loved their pictures...

Henry and Rob ready to rock and roll!

He loves his bulldogs almost as much as his LaLa!

Kristen took Noelle Adams to the tailgate only long enough to get a picture of them.  Love. want more of Henry and that sweet baby sister of his? 
Ok.  Here you go...
One of my favorites yet.

Now.  It's been a long week.  I'm tired and can't WAIT to get in my bed. 
Sad and pathetic on a Friday night? 
Maybe, but I'm OK with that.

Looking forward to a lazy day watching football on TV tomorrow! 

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