Monday, February 15, 2010


My weekend actually started Thursday, when my friends HEGS, Candi, and I went to the Veranda where we celebrated Candi passing a BIG TEST!

GO CANDI! (And thanks for the pics, HEGS!)

Meanwhile, Henry and Rob made their way to Starkvegas where Henry made Valentine's cookies with "Lita" on Friday

and went to the Rodeo with Grandaddy on Saturday.
At the Rodeo, Cowboy Henry was able to pet and ride on some animals and had a blast!

Friday night, I went to the Grill to celebrate my friend, Laura Mims' birthday Sorry for the belated birthday wish, Mims! I'm glad I got to spend it with you!
On Saturday, Mom and I went to fantastic women's conference at our church with guest speaker Vicki Courtney. Any of you heard of her? She's a writer and speaker, and if you've never been to one of her conferences, allow me to recommend that you do so!

Saturday night was spent watching Dee Bost

and the Bulldogs defeat Auburn in overtime. GO STATE!

Sunday was spent relaxing and spending time with some very dear friends. Perfect weekend? Well, pretty close to it....

Weekends like this make waking up on Monday morning SO HARD!

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Heather said...

henry's new "cheese" face makes me laugh!!! I love him.