Sunday, September 6, 2009

sisters? really?

This picture of me and my pretty sister, Kristen was taken at the KD reunion a couple of weeks ago. I'm very aware that she and I don't even look like sisters, and looking at this picture makes me see that we really do have very few similarities!
Being sisters, here are some things you'd think we just might have in common:
1. eyes? Nope. Hers are very blue, mine are hazel, and you can actually SEE hers!:)
2. nose? Nothing alike.
3. hair? We both have a natural curl, but that's about it.
4. smiles? no.
5. body shape? Um...NO.Isn't it odd how 2 girls who share the same parents and are only 2 years apart can look SO different???
(Side note: We DO have the same feet. We both have a lovely "gap" between our big toe and 2nd toe. Thanks for that, Dad!)
Now, me and Heather? Well...that's a different story...


Adelia said...

But she might as well been birthed by Nana cause that's who she looks like. You and Heather have lots of Lita in ya.

tripletmomplus1 said...

My girls are this way, to me anyway. Nothing alike and delivered one minute apart!