Sunday, September 27, 2009

PJ pants, "indoor" tailgating, and NO MORE RAIN(?)

(Before I begin; I just have to ask...did this make anyone else happy??)
Hello, loyal readers. I hope you're enjoying a lazy Sunday afternoon like I am!
Despite the fact that I was home sick from work Friday, it seemed as though it was really just a 24-hour thing. I basically stayed in my PJ pants and rested all weekend, and while I still don't feel 100%, I feel much better than I did 2 days ago. Kris, Rob, Henry, Heather, and Trey were all in town for the weekend, and we'd all planned on tailgating before the game THAT WE SHOULD HAVE WON!
I had already decided that I was going to crash on my parents' couch (wearing my PJ pants of course) and watch the game. I expected to be home alone, assuming the rest of my family would go to the game as planned. Although I was disappointed that it DID rain, causing players and loyal fans to get soaked, it caused my sisters, Henry, and Trey to decide to stay home, and that selfishly made ME happy. :) That meant I got to hang out with this cutie patootie longer...
(take a look at Henry's hair after a nap...totally UNexaggerrated!)

Kristen had done so much planning and preparing for the tailgate and she was determined that we WOULD tailgate despite the weather, (those of you who know Kristen are probably not surprised at this) so she decided to cook, decorate, and fix up my parents' dining room to look like a tailgate. I didn't complain A BIT.Kristen has never been known to "skimp" when it comes to decorating!Here's to the start of a new week, which I think is going to include SUNSHINE!!! :)


JordanandSaundersRamsey said...

Loved seeing all of you on Saturday!!! Hope you're feeling better! Tell Max that Saunders says hey! haha!!!

AnnaLittle said...

This is so funny. I don't know Kristen well, but what I do know of her... this sounds par for the course.

I'm sorry you felt bad Friday! Hope you feel better!!

And are you KIDDING me?!?! That Thursday night game made me the happiest kid in Mississippi.

Trace's Space said...

okay - so NO I wasn't a happy camper on Thursday - I can't believe how far we dropped in the rankings. But I was happy on Saturday ;)

Henry is really precious. I love his hair color - wish it were my hair color and those cheeks!

Hope you're feeling better. Is the weather there as gorgeous as it is here?

Happy Tuesday!

Heather said...

had so much fun, even though we didn't make it to the game! That picture of henry is hilarious.

The Cross Family said...

Laura, Our old preschool minister has just moved to S-Vegas. She is really sweet and fun. Her husband is the new principal at Starkville High so you may know him. Tiffany and Keith Fennell. Anywhoo, she needs to meet fun people, so I am going to try to get yall connected. Please e-mail me at so I can pass along your e-mail. They just adopted a beautiful baby girl.

Anonymous said...

Your sister Kristen must be pretty fun... looks like she knows how to throw a party for sure!!