Thursday, July 16, 2009

take time to pray.

Please take a few minutes and pray for these specific people.
My mom made me aware of the first one. Maybe you're a reader of this blog. If so, you may already know about this. If not, I'll briefly fill you in. The 30-something year old author of the blog, passed away earlier this week from a stroke. It was very sudden, and even though I don't know her or her family, I can't stop thinking about them. She left behind a husband and 4 kids (one of which is only 2 weeks old!). It's just so so sad. Keep that family in your prayers. I can't imagine how they feel.

Secondly, click here to read about this little girl. Isn't she an absolute DOLL?! Thanks for posting about this, Amanda. I feel that all I can do is pass it along to others and ask for as many prayers as possible!

I'm still praying for those of you who have sent requests to me. If you want to be added to my personal prayer list, please comment on this post or email me at

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theelliottfamily said...

DISCLAIMER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am in tears. Laura, those families. I am speechless!