Monday, July 6, 2009

movies, the 4th, and REDBOX!

First of all, Happy late 4th! My weekend was spent with Trey and Heather in Hattiesburg. We did some grilling, relaxing, boating, and movie watching. It was perfect.
I probably watched more movies this past weekend than I've watched in the past 3 months combined! I thought I'd give you my reviews on a few of the ones we watched.
Oh, and have any of you made friends with the new Redbox that are found around town? If not, you should. It's very simple, cheap, and convenient! I mean, how can you beat a movie rental for $1? You just can't.
One of the movies we rented via Redbox was "Taken" with Liam Neeson. It was FABULOUS. If you're into suspense, you should totally watch this one. LN was amazing in this movie. I definitely recommend this one!
I'n not really sure why I hadn't already seen "Dan in Real Life," since Steve Carell is obviously one of my faves. He didn't exactly play a Michael Scott role in this movie, and while I missed hearing him say "That's what she said" after every sentence, I still really liked him in this movie. If you haven't seen this one, go get it. I'll probably end up buying this one.

I LOVED "BRIDE WARS"! Sure, it's totally ridiculous and completely unrealistic, but Kate Hudson and Anne Hathaway are just the cutest ever, and I thought it was absolutely hilarious. In fact, I plan on hitting up the Redbox sometime today and getting it to watch with Katey soon. I think I kinda want to look like Anne Hathaway.Well, it's 11:00, and I'm still in my pj's. I suppose I'll get up right now and do some sort of physical activity. I don't want to get a reputation of being completely worthless during the summer! (Of course, as soon as I finish exercising, I'll probably shower and get right back in my pj's. Don't judge me).


Heather said...

laura, why didn't you review "While She Was Out"?
Stellar movie with a stellar cast.

Trace's Space said...

I want to see all three! Anne Hathaway is delightful (did I just say that)? She is great! and pretty.

Anonymous said...

I've seen all of those - phenominal, they are. Taken was my favorite. Have you seen Changeling with Angelina Jolie? Very, very good, and based on true events. I recommend it highly.


Melanieshea said...

GIRL, isn't the $1 movies the best thing since sliced bread????!!!!! O.M.G. I have a blog post that I just finished about this same thing, well you made a comment!!! ha!!!!!

Taken was AWESOME and I loved Bride Wars too!!!!!!!!! Nothing like a GOOD, GOOD MOVIE!!!

Angela said...

no judgements here--i have spent most of the past fews days in my pjs.

AnnaLittle said...

I really want to see Bride Wars and your review made my want level increase...

I heart Anne Hathaway. She is such a classic beauty!

Carrie said...

i do the same thing with my pj's all the time in the summer :)