Friday, July 10, 2009

series of unfortunate events.

So, I got my driver's license when I was 16, and I remember one of the first things my dad said to me was, "Now, you really need to learn how to change a flat tire." In fact, I'm pretty sure he's shown me how to do it a time or 2. It's not that I don't listen to my dad or care what he has to say, but let's be honest. If I'm on the interstate and get a flat, am I really going to trust myself enough to change it and be confident that the tire won't fall off 1/2 a mile down the road? Absolutely not. Well, around 2:00 this afternoon I found myself thinking, "Hmmm...I guess I should have listened to my dad."
I worked at MINT until 2. I was looking forward to having a few hours after work to go to the gym and run a few errands before Kristen, Rob, Henry, and Heather got here. Unfortunately, though, my afternoon did not go as planned.
When I got to work this morning, I noticed that my tire was ''a little low," and had already made plans to head to the tire store immediately after work. No big deal. BUT, I walked to my car after work, and my tire was F.L.A.T. Completely. It looked much like the picture you see here. The tire place was literally just around the corner, and I toyed with the idea of driving it there, but I came to the realization that my car probably wouldn't make it there.
Now, if you're a single female and you have car problems who do you call? Yep. Daddy (a.k.a. my "go to guy"). After hearing that Dad was in an afternoon meeting, I knew I had to go to plan B. I have a few guy friends who I knew would help me out if they could, but it was Friday at 2. They were all at work. I was very fortunate that I wasn't stranded on the side of the road, in which case, I would probably be crying. Instead, I just got to spend a couple of extra hours in the air conditioned store, so I knew I really couldn't complain. Still...I was frustrated.
Finally, around 3:30 or so, a guy walked into the Home Store with this girlfriend. BINGO. I shamelessly walked up to him and asked if he knew how to change a flat. Lucky for me, he did! He worked on in it for about half an hour or so. In the mean time, I'd gotten in touch with my dad who insisted on coming to help out. Sweet daddy.
So, with the spare tire in place, dad follows me to the tire store, where I left my car to be fixed. I was exhausted, and a little out of sorts. After all, I'm a planner, and when things don't turn out the way I had planned it, I get a little frazzled.
I got Dad to drop me off at my friend Heather's house. I knew she was home and I wanted to hang out with her anyway. She willingly let me borrow her car drive to my house and take Max out. WELL...I pulled up in my driveway and realize that I'D GIVEN THE TIRE GUY MY ENTIRE SET OF KEYS! I didn't have the key to my house. I'm also taking care of my friend Mandy's cats this weekend, and her key was with all of the others, too. GREAT.
SOOO.... (are you still with me, here???)...
I take Heather's car to the tire place, and was thankfully able to get my keys before they closed. Whew.
After I enjoyed a much needed glass of Chardonnay with sweet Heather :), I went to my parents' house where I got to spend the rest of the evening with my family.
While I admit that this really wasn't a HORRIBLE day (things could have been much worse...let's be honest), it was just an absolutely out of the ordinary day, and I, for one, am glad that it's over.
Thanks for listening.
The end.


Anonymous said...

My suggestion--sign up for AAA. If you only need them once a year, it's worth the price of admission. Just a thought...

Anonymous said...

Ok-I said you needed to blog more but I didn't mean for bad things to happen for you to blog about!

theelliottfamily said...

I am exhausted. Days like that send me over the edge. If it isn't in my planner, it sends me over the edge. I would have needed the bottle instead of just a glass:) Coach Collins changed my tire for me one night at a gas station...around 11:00 p.m. LONG STORY!

Anonymous said...

Get roadside service with your car insurance. It's only about a dollar two extra per month - totally worth the peace of mind. You even get free towing anytime you need it.

Yes, I have been stranded on the side of the road in downtown Bham a time or two. They don't call me "Calamity Claire" for nothing.


Tassie said...

This is exactly the kind of thing that I worry about while driving---daily. I'm glad that things ended up okay....enjoy your weekend!!!!

Anonymous said...

Definitely get AAA or curbside service with insurance! It's worth it. They will tow, get locked keys out of car (Mary had to use AAA for that), bring you gas, etc.
It's worth it!! Mrs. K

Anonymous said...

Another vote for AAA. Fabulous service and you get lots of discounts at all sorts of stores and restaurants, etc. When something happens you just call the 800 number and they are so helpful. They ask if you feel safe where you are waiting and keep calling back every so often until the service person gets to you. Really gives you peace of mind. Both my girls and I have had to use it and have been very pleased. Nan D.

mary straton said...

yet another vote for AAA! I locked my keys in my trunk one time, and they came to my rescue!

PS - a girl changed my tire one time at the vet school. i was mortified.