Sunday, June 21, 2009

Sunday night ramblings...

First of all, HAPPY FATHER'S DAY to all of you daddies out there! I was glad to spend the day with MY daddy today. Like every other year, it's also a day for me to think about my 2 wonderful grandfathers who are both deceased now. They were the best, and are always greatly missed, especially on Father's Day.
Both of my sisters were able to be here for the weekend. Rob and Henry joined Kristen, but Trey wasn't able to make it. Sad. Unfortunately something is wrong with either my camera battery OR the camera battery charger. Either way, I was still unable to take any pics this weekend, which was a total bummer.
A couple of highlights from the weekend:
Kris, Rob, Henry, Heather, and I ate at UMI (the new Habachi grill here) last night. It was so good and very entertaining! Henry had an absolute blast. I'll definitely be going back! (Of course it'll have to be after pay day! Hurry up June 30!).
What's going on with Henry these days? Glad you asked. If you were to ask him what was going on, he's more than likely going to respond by saying one of the following: "I swim like a fish at the pool," "I not hit at school," "I almost a big boy," or "I go potty in big boy potty." He's just so cute. Unfortunately, however, this precious, innocent child hasn't quite mastered his "T" sound. So, basically, "Trey" sounds like "Fray," "train track" sounds like "frain frack," etc. You get the picture. So, I want you to imagine this if you will: Mom, Dad, Henry, and I were in the car and we drove past a fire station. Henry excitedly shouted "A FIRE #&*$! (truck, minus tr, plus f). Yep. My 2 1/2 year old nephew said the "f word" while simply just trying to say "truck." And he said it over and over and over again. Bless his heart. Of course my mom and dad had to literally look away because they were about to DIE from laughter. I looked at it as an opportunity for his aunt, the teacher to step in and help him practice his sounds. He could easily make the "t" sound, but he just can't quite say a word using the "t" sound. Too bad the precious child loves TRucks so much! My advice to Kristen and Rob: steer clear of all fire stations! :)
I'm spending most of my week at MINT this week. As much as I love traveling during the summer, I'm looking forward to spending a couple of weeks at home!
Here's to hoping you have a wonderful week. Stay cool!


Anonymous said...

Monica had the same problem with the letter "T". Maybe it's a family thing.
Love ya,

Heather said...

"That not your daddy, that grandaddy" - Henry

"well if that is not my daddy, who is my daddy?" - Heather

"Frey. Frey is your daddy." - Henry

Well ok then.

Brandon said...

this is hilarious...I am sure this calls for some explaining at various toy section, sand boxes, etc.
Good to see you at looked so cute!


AnnaLittle said...

Love the truck story. Love it.

Aunthood = heaven on earth.

Bambi said...

Priceless! Just priceless!