Wednesday, June 10, 2009

my kindred spirit??

So, I graduated high school in 1999. If you do the math, you'll realize that that was 10 years ago, and you know what happens 10 years after you graduate high school? Yep. The class reunion. Now, I'm not a pessimist, I'm really not, but I do NOT want to go. I know I still live in the same town where I graduated, so it really would be silly for me to be here and not to go. Honestly though, I am still friends with a handful of people I graduated with, and I'm content with that. I'm not huge on making small talk with people I haven't seen since before the new millenium. I'm not good at it, and I think it will get old really fast. I'm a little ashamed to admit the main reason I don't want to go though, but I'm going to confess anyway. I'm still single. No husband. Not even a boyfriend. The thought of going to this event alone does NOT excite me. In fact it depresses me a little.
I probably wouldn't even mention this on the blog if it weren't for this blog post I read today. Mom copied and pasted the post to me, so I don't have the url address for it (Mom....if you still have it, leave it in a comment! ). When I read it, I realized that this girl, whoever she is, and I are A LOT ALIKE! She understands me! She feels the same way I do! Read for yourself!

I use cinnamon rolls as a sort of. well, anxiety calming drug. I don't pop pills, I definitely pop cinnamon rolls.
See. there was this thing invented a good long while ago called the 10 Year Class Reunion. It's where you get together with all the people that made fun of you during your painfully awkward teenage years. Yea. Why? Why do I have to do this? Can't we all just become friends on Facebook and
Twitter and consider ourselves properly reunited!?
Seriously. The future is now!
Since I think I'm going to gracefully bow out of the reunion festivities, here's the CliffsNotes of what I might have said to my old classmates.
Hi. Yea, it's me Joy. I sat behind you in.. a bunch of classes probably. Here's the update. I went to college. I read a lot of books. I graduated. I traveled around some. I haven't gotten married or pregnant yet. Yea.. I'm prettier now, but that's mostly because I was actually really ugly when you knew me. I'm a baker. I think it's the most awesome thing ever. I know a crap ton about food. Would you like to discuss French cheeses at all? I have a blog. also awesome. Sure, I'd like to meet your boyfriend Steve. I recognize him from your Facebook photos. Your relationship status is "complicated" though. care to discuss? No? Hm. well, sure I'd like to see pictures of your kids. Would you like to see pictures of my cinnamon rolls? It's only fair.
Don't make me go to this thing. It will be awkward. Awkward. Awkward. Awkward!
I need counsel and another cinnamon roll.
See what I mean? I just couldn't have said it better myself (especially the part about how I look better now than I did 10 years ago--YIKES!).
My reunion will roll around this September. Do I suck it up and go, taking the risk that I may leave there feeling a little sorry for myself, or do I make other plans so I don't have to face all of the awkwardness that it may bring?? HELP!


Anonymous said...

Reunions can definitely seem intimidating, but just remember that you have a lot going for you (good job, great friends and family, etc.). And besides, you're pretty enough that you could get any guy you want.

Melanieshea said...

Go if you only want to go, but don't not go b/c you feel like you aren't pretty or haven't accomplished something b/c you have...You are gorgeous, have a great personality, you have a good job, and a good head on your shoulders. Who cares if you are single....God has not put Mr. Right in your life just yet!!!! Just don't let it intimidate you girly!!!! xoxo

Wade's World said...

I was more than a little disappointed in my and my husband's 10 year reunions. It was just like prom, only with lots of hard liquor being served. The people who partied hard in high school partied hard at the reunion and then went home with old flings from high school.

Overall I felt really let down by the whole thing.

And I second the other comments about not worrying about going alone if you choose too. You do have a lot going for you and should be very proud of where you are 10 years out of high school with your job, Mint, family, friends, and of course Henry.

And spouses/boyfriends always end up being the third wheel at a reunion unless they graduated with you.

Anonymous said...

Hey sweetie! Hhmmm... my thoughts: you know you're fabulous but let's get down to it. I can't come because I have a big Wake Forest event that weekend, so why don't we just disappear to the Caribbean??!!!
- Ashley

TheDearmanFamily said...

Ok Laura, that was a piti-post (much like the one I deleted before I tried to get perky yesterday....)

Don't go if you don't want to. But, regret is a really horrible thing so you could always go and then if it is as you think it will be, you can just quietly leave.

You are loved. and beautiful. and a wonderful, sweet teacher to children who need love.

And, your mama needs to leave that blog addrss. I want to keep up with that girl!

Tricia said...

Life is too short to do things you don't want to... but I bet if you went, you'd probably end up enjoying yourself...

brad, amanda, and brody said...

LT i found where she is...

PS- the reunion: you should go. you are beautiful and have so much to be proud of. i bet your life is alot better than some of those people with "the husband and kids" that act like they've got it all together!

Aunt Darlene said...

Invite yourself to be on the planning committee...that's more fun than the reunion itself. That way, you have some control over the plans or can at least be prepared for what/who to expect.

theelliottfamily said...

I did not go to mine and don't regret it for a bit:) Do exactly what you want to. I won't mention that I was in graduate school the year you graduated high school. I am SO OLD!

Jan Johnson said...

Well, I have lots to say on this one! I want you to be there. . . you have nothing to be ashamed/embarassed of. Look what a wonderful person you are and how God has protected you from things that probably would have turned out disastrous. He has big plans for your life, remember your verse on the blog (which happens to be my fav verse as well), Jeremiah 29:11? We all go through different stages of difficulty in our lives, things that only make us stronger in our faith. Just because you're not married/engaged doesn't mean you're a failure. God just hasn't placed that someone in your life yet. And we all hear negative talk about the way our life is by others who need to keep their mouths shut. In this specific stage of my life, I have to constantly hear negative comments about the closeness of the birth of my two girls and how we should be done by now! Keep your head held up high and do what you want to do. I'd love to see you though!

The Segrest Family said...

i agree with the majority of comments already... go if you WANT to. BUT i will have to say, i went to mine and had a ball. everyone was the same - just older. and luckily, i loved my class.
there were ALOT of single folks there and they had fun too! i agree that the husbands and boyfriends and dates end up getting left out anyway!!!!
i also agree with being on the planning committee - i was and it was fun! and fyi, we tried to make sure that everyone had a 'place' and that it was not so 'family' oriented!

Manuela said...

Why do you think you have something to be embarassed for ?
So, be proud of yourself!
Go there without problems!
Just have fun with your friends.

Katie Walden said...

LT, I've come to the realization that I'm single because God wants me to be. We are all what we are because God wants us to be. Singleness isn't a curse. It's a blessing. So is marriage. It's just that God blesses people in different ways. The grass is always greener, you know? Although being married would be fantastic, we are able to do a lot things that we wouldn't be able to do if we were married. No strings attached. It's a hard pill to swallow, I know, because it always seems that we are outnumbered. But God waits to give us his most precious gift at just the right time. So we must wait with patience and longing for him. Draw closer to him and that void will slowly feel less intimidating.

Heather said...

this is just dumb. why wouldn't you go? I made a list of why you should:

A) it's a party
B) your so cute
C) your hair is WAY better now than it was in HS
D) A good excuse for a new outfit
E) Let's face it, you learned how to do your eyebrows

If that is not enough reason, well, I can't help you.

Anonymous said...

You don't know me and I don't really know you! I did want to comment though because I love reading your blog (which I stumbled upon through someone I do know)and this post really touched me. We are the same age, so my reunion will be coming up this fall, also. I just wanted to tell you that you are extremely entertaining, funny, smart, and very pretty. Please don't not go to the reunion just because you're not married and don't have a boyfriend. You have many things going for you and you seem to have a very full or not! But don't feel guilty for not going if that's what you decide.

I just wanted to let you know that you will find your person at just the right time. But for now, you are great on your own!

Anisa said...

You are so beautiful and have so much going for you! Go - with your head held high.

Go with another single friend, or with MSKS...just take your own car so you can leave if it's not fun.


Anonymous said...

This is a tough one. I went to my 10 year reunion in the same boat you are in. (still am single by the way, as you well know) Anyway, I did not really enjoy myself too much. It is like you said, the people that I care about, I still talk too. The other folks did'nt mean alot to me in HS so they didn't mean alot at the reunion either. It is hard to be around people that are married and have kids when you don't. People come to the reunion just to talk about the very subject you want to avoid! ONLY GO IF YOU WANT TO GO! If you don't want to go, don't go! And don't feel bad your decision.

Anonymous said...

life is not about if you are married or single, rich or poor, drop-dead gorgeous or hardly average, house full of kids or no kids at all. Life is much more than these things. And life is way too short to live it wishing you were living a different one. You have people who love you, regardless of your relationship status, so keep your chin held high and be proud of the current state that God has blessed you with. People are envious of your life and lifestyle. Please recognize that.

So regardless of the decision you make about your reunion, let your decision be based on things other than your relationship status. Don't let your current state keep you from living your life now. You will never experience life if you don't live it. Don't let being single or kid-less keep you from experiencing things right now.

I enjoy reading your blog. You are a precious, precious person.

TheDearmanFamily said...

I've been thinking more about this topic....

1. Go. Look good and go.

2. Take your car and leave if it isn't fun.

3. And whoever wrote the comment directly above me said it hers and pretend I wrote it.

Tassie said...

i didn't want to go to my reunion either, but looking back, i'm glad i went. people that weren't so nice to me had grown out of acting like a jerk. i could see their human side and they could finally appreciate me for the awesome person that i've always been! i think you should go....if not...what will you have to talk about at the 20th reunion???

Adelia said...

I love how sensitive Heather is! haha You know I know exactly how you feel and what you are going through. I fortunately did not have to make this decision because my dumb class didn't even have a 10 year reunion so I guess nobody cared to see each other too much! I also am one that talks to and knows whats going on in the lives of my classmates that I really care about. I think you should just make the best decision for you. I do think that most of the people there who are married with kids would be envious of you and your life. You are fabulous and you can travel whenever you want and you can eat cereal for dinner and chips for breakfast if you want to. You can make decisions based on one person and that is a gift that most of your classmates probably don't have. I love you and hope you are able to come to a peace about what to do. And just tell Heather and Kristen to be quiet and let you decide cause they will never be able to really understand what you feel!!!!!

Cager & Maris said...

Hi L.T.,

I feel the same way you do, but for different reasons. I agree that we all have a few friends that we were close to then and have remained close and the rest are totally facebook friends. I have changed SO much since then, and unlike you I look a hundred times worse than I did then. I am on the fence about going too, but I have to say that I went to Cager's and we had a blast!! You are such a cute girl and like Jan said everyone's plan is different for a purpose that only God knows. Let me know what you decide.-Maris

The Robertsons said...

I missed my reunion and I was totally sad that I did. Remember that you are beautiful inside and out and I consider myself lucky to call you my friend. Your time is coming and it is taking so long, because God is still working on Mr. Perfect for you!

AnnaLittle said...

Laura! I don't have time to read what all 23 other people have posted,but I don't know one person on this earth that doesn't think you are the most fabulous thing ever. I'm not just saying that. And you have NO reason not to be 100% proud of the person that you are. So don't NOT go because of anything like that.

However, like you said... you keep up with who you want to keep up with. You are an adult and don't have to do anything you don't want to do... including attend a class reunion.

So you should not feel bad either way, in my opinion.

Nana Gayle said...

I happened upon your blog through the blog my daughter-in-law has for my granddaughter. And, I must say that I can't wait each day to see what you have posted!! I do not know you, but I taught Kristen at SA, and I know your Mom and Dad. All that being said, you are one of the most "have -it- all - together-" girls I have ever heard of.
Your God, your family, your friends, and your students are what is important to you, and Laura, that is what makes you so special. God has blessed you in so many unbelievable ways, and I know there are those who wish they were just like you! God made you; He loves you; He has a plan for you: you are allowing Him to guide your life; and He will help you decide about your class reunion.
I attended my 40th year reunion in May of 2009 and had a fabulous time - I mean down to the hating to see it end time. I, too, had reservations about attending - I was divorced twice and was 70 pounds heavier than in 1968. Talkin' about big time reservation!! Was there anyone else there like me? Sure, and honey, some with worse stories than mine.
Three weeks after my reunion, one of my classmates committed suicide. I was so thankful that I had gone, that he was there, that we shared stories, and that we said goodbye.
So, don't go if you don't want to -go visit Kristen and hug Henry!
So, go if you want to go. Put on a "wow" outfit. Do that cute curly thing you do with your hair. Smile that beautiful smile I see so often on your blog. Praise God by showing off His creation and just know He is saying, "Way to go, LT."

The Texas VicHorns said...

I don't understand. You were MRS. STARKVILLE ACADEMY. You have to be there. period.