Saturday, July 23, 2011

and the winner is....

Thanks to all 11 of you who voted for my little sis to win a new chair! 
She WON and  soon, her empty living room will have this lovely chair and ottoman in it (valued at $910!!):

Heather and Trey are so excited!

Each of you who voted (and commented on my post telling me that you voted!) was assigned a number.  For example,  if you were the first person to leave a comment, you were given #1, the 2nd person who commented was given #2, etc.  I used this site to randomly choose one of you as my lucky give away winner!
I entered #1-11, and the winning number was 3, which means that the winner is Lane Connerely!
Congrats to you, Lane, and thanks to all of you for voting!
Lane, you should expect something really fun in the mail soon!  (HINT:  It may possibly come from my new favorite store in Starkville, Deep South Pout!).

Hope you're having a fantastic weekend.   Next week is my last week of summer!  Where did the time go??

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