Friday, July 8, 2011

Still not over it.

I'm obsessed with Crime TV.  In fact, some of my favorite shows include: 48 Hours Mystery, Unsolved Mysteries, and Dateline (and really anything that comes on the Investigation Discovery channel).  I DVR all of it.  I don't have a very vivid memory, but I do remember  watching these types of shows (Perry Mason included!) as a child.  Strange?  Maybe.  But I just think that perhaps in my former life I was a murder detective of some sort.  I don't know. 
Anyway, it's no surprise that I've been really caught up in the Casey Anthony trial.  I've been keeping up with it from the beginning.  So, obviously, I sat in my living room with my eyes glued to the TV on July 6th--the day the Casey Anthony verdict was announced.
I told myself that once the verdict was announced, I was going to not blog about it or obsess over it any more.  But I just can't do it, people.  I've just got to get this all out. I'm so fired up about this.
I was obviously not on the jury, nor do I really know all that goes into being a jury.  It's something I hope I never have to experience.  I can't help but wonder, though, what they were thinking?!
What mother in their right mind goes 31 days before reporting their missing child?!  I'm not a mother, but I'm here to tell you that if either of my nephews were ever missing, it would be reported in seconds--not hours, days, or weeks, but seconds.  Not only that, but Casey was spending her nights partying, all while that precious, innocent child is missing?!  REALLY?  And let's not forget about the nanny that was made up.   You know, the one who Casey claimed Caylee was with?!  Completely MADE.UP.
No.  There's no smoking gun, and not necessarily proof that Casey actually killed her child, but come on people.  It absolutely takes no genius to see that Casey absolutey had something to do with her child's murder.  Am I wrong?
As a lover of all children, I'm completely sickened that Casey is getting away with this.  No, I don't always agree that the death penalty is the way to go when punishing someone for a crime, but I do believe that justice should be served.  I'm also a Christian, and realize that it's not our place to judge anyone.  Ever.  (Romans 12:14-21).  But I'm having a tough time with this one.  Casey Anthony had something to do with her precious baby girl's death.  I just know it. 
What more can we do to ensure that the innocent children in this world are being protected and not abused, neglected, or even murdered?  Something has to change in our system. I have no idea what or how, but something does need to be done.
You may have seen this petition on facebook.  I don't know how "legit" it is, but I think it's fabulous and needs to officially become a law.  The petition is to adopt "Caylee's Law," which would make it a felony for a parent or guardian to go a certain amount of time without reporting their child missing.  It wouldn't hurt you to sign it if you haven't already.  I'm behind this 100%.

Bottom line here:  Casey is getting off way too easily with this crime.

What are your thoughts and opinions about this case?  Am I overreacting?
It may be a while before I can really get over this one.  Children are, after all, my passion in life and they should be loved and protected; not neglected and murdered.
I want to hear your thoughs, and if you think Casey Anthony is innocent, I'd like to hear from you. 
Comments welcomed.


Wade's World said...

The whole thing just makes me sick. At the very least I can't understand why she wasn't guilty of child neglect. She didn't know where her child was for 31 days. How much more neglectful can you get? At the end of the day Casey will have to answer for her actions in life, and the justice Caylee will receive then will be much harsher than we can ever give on this Earth.

gaylerhoades said...

I literally became sick to my stomach when I heard the verdict!!! Sick to my stomach!!!! I have never sat on a jury, but, come on people, she DID have something to do with the death of that precious child!!! I can only hold on to the fact that she will have to face our God in her final judgement! He knows the truth, is taking care of little Caylee now, and He will provide justice for Caylee and punishment for Casey! Praise to God!

Silver Strands said...

You're not overreacting. This is awful. Having been on a jury, though, I can tell you that when you pledge to uphold the law and set your feelings aside, things aren't as clear as they seem to be. If sufficient evidence wasn't produced, they CAN'T convict. It is awful though. Horrible.

Alison said...

I'm right there w/ you loving the mystery tv shows! Confession: during my pregnancy this past winter I watched an entire season of Perry Mason...CBS online :)