Wednesday, March 9, 2011

sweet students of mine.

(Follow up from yesterday's post...)
Here are a few things that will be included in the care package my class is sending to Lucy. My students are so excited about this, and well, I am too! (They've worked so hard on their Get Well cards to her!)

You will hardly ever see me post pictures of my students on my blog, but I had to include this one (without including names, of course!). They were so excited about taking this picture to send to Lucy!
FYI--"Miss Watts" (AKA Laura Kate), the lovely redhead standing next to me in the picture, is my fantastic student teacher who has been with me since January (meaning she's been with me since I've been unable to get around because of my ankle!). She's been a Godsend to me during this time, but that's another post for another day.:)
Although some of these precious little angel faces want to make me pull my hair out (and have, in fact, caused several gray hairs on my not-even-30-year-old-scalp!), they're still my babies, and I'm so proud of them for their willingness to want to make Lucy smile!

Now, have you prayed for Lucy today?


Silver Strands said...

Awww ... kids are the best!

~Amy~ said...

Cute! I just started blogging and became a follower of yours because I too am in the education field. Please follow me also if you are interested. :)

Owen and Erin said...

Hey Laura! I am Heather's friend from Hattiesburg! I can't stop thinking about sweet Lucy. Thanks for the introduction to her and her sweet family. You are right when you said this family could be any of my friends.