Tuesday, March 8, 2011


I'm a 2nd grade teacher, so obviously, children are my passion. There are very few things worse to me than to see a child in pain. I just can't stand it.
In my "down time," I enjoy browsing blogs, and coming across new blogs that I've never seen before. It's fun to read blogs about decorating, baking, or just coming across random blogs (some are very humorous!) about life.
ANYWAY, while browsing some blogs recently, I came across this one. It's a blog about an adorable family; and by looking at their pictures and reading a few of their posts, I realized that they're much like the young families of several people I know. I can tell that it would be easy to fall in love with them all. It's a family of five---a mom, a dad, 2 girls, and a baby boy. The middle girl, Lucy, was recently diagnosed with cancer. I haven't been following this blog long, so I don't know the details, but I do know that Lucy is currently in the hospital undergoing treatments.
Really? At age 5?
It just breaks my heart.
I know there's nothing that I can possibly do to make this little girl's pain go away (besides prayer, of course), but I have been trying to think of something I can do to just make her smile.
Today at school, my students had a few extra minutes (gotta love rainy days, right?!), so I gave them a piece of paper, some markers, and some stickers and asked them to make a get well card for a sick little girl who they do not know. I didn't go into extreme detail, but I explained to them that there was a girl who was only a few years younger than them, who was sick in the hospital and that I thought it would be special for our class to create cards for her. Sometimes I don't think I give my students enough credit--they're some pretty great kids, and were excited about the opportunity to make a little girl's day a little bit better.
So I've got a stack of colorful cards full of smiley faces, butterflies, and flowers. They've all been created for a special little girl, and I can't wait for that special little girl to receive them. While reading about sweet Lucy, I also couldn't help but notice that she loves Buzz Lightyear--how precious and innocent is that? She loves Buzz Lightyear.
I mentioned earlier that there really are very few things I can do for this sweet girl, but I fully intend to make a care package for this angel. It won't be anything huge or extravagant, but I plan to buy a few "girlie things"--fingernail polish and stickers, maybe (I'll probaby try to throw in a Buzz Lightyear coloring book...)? And in the package I want to include the sweet cards created by my students.
I hope it puts a smile on that precious girl's face.
Would you like to send a card of encouragement to Lucy and/or her family?
Here's her address:
Lucy Krull
c/o Rose Construction
126 Hwy 51 South
Covington, TN 38019
Please pray for this little girl and her family and click here to start following their journey. Also, click on the "Praying for Lucy" button at the top left of my blog to obtain the html code so the button can be placed on your blog.

"The Lord is good; His mercy is everlasting." -Psalm 100:5


Jessica said...

Love it Laura!!! You are always so compassionate and generous!!!! Will definately be praying for this little girl and her family! Thanks for sharing with us!

Tammye said...

How very sweet you are! I'm a mom with a child who has had a chronic serious illness since he was two and I can tell you that what you are doing for Lucy is more important than any BIG gift. It gives her contact with the outside world and these kids want that more than the expensive or extravagant things that some people think they need. I too browse blogs and have been watching Lucy's since the first day her mom starting blogging about Lucy. May God bless you:)