Monday, March 8, 2010

I'm here. I promise.

I realize that it's totally not like me to go more than a couple of days without gracing you with my presence via blog. My sincere apologies for not being there for you in the past week. I can't decide if I haven't blogged because I've had nothing to blog about or because I've had too much to blog about. Thinking about the past week, I think I decided that it's the latter of the 2. Don't worry, I'll happily spare you the details of the entire week and try to focus on any main points that come to mind. I will admit that my days have been running together for some reason, so I'm sure nothing that I blog about tonight will be chronological. Deal with it if you don't mind...
I'll first update you on my P90X progress. I enjoy blogging about this because so many of you have already encouraged me whether it was via blog comment, facebook comment, or face-to-face! I've completed over a week of P90X, and overall, I'm enjoying it. My first attempt to Yoga was a complete DISASTER. I ended up quitting before I really even got started. I was so mad at Tony for making it look so easy. I turned it off after about 20 minutes and almost started crying because I was so frustrated! I'm already dreading it this week. Ugh. Tony and I have a love/hate relationship, really. I look forward to seeing him after school each day, and then when he comes on, I just want to cuss at him.
Oh, and have I been in pain? You better believe it! The first few days of doing P90X, I found it extremely difficult to sit, stand, eat, breathe, sit on the toilet, get off of the toilet, lay down, etc. My students were highly entertained by how slowly I was moving. I'm still sore, but it's starting to ease up a little. Well...maybe.
Other than P90X, planning a shower took up a good bit of the other "free time" I had last week! Kristen and I gave Heather a baby shower in Jackson on Sunday. I always love planning parties with Kristen---she's so creative, and even though she's completely over-the-top, I enjoy watching her creative juices flow and seeing it all come together. If she had any free time at all, I'd insist that she become a party planner on the side. She's fabulous. Even though the shower was given by the two of us, she honestly too charge, and....well....I just basically did as I was told...I've always been good at that. Definitely wouldn't have made it this far in life without Kristen's guidance!
On to the shower now. I'll first share some pictures of the decor. The shower was held at Bon Ami in Jackson, and it couldn't have been a more perfect place!

Here's the invitation that we displayed at the shower....

Can you tell what the "theme" was?

I love this picture of Heather. I think it captures her innocence so perfectly. :)

The honoree and her many guests!

Sweet Nana and Heather! Notice the bump! Seriously...she's tiny.

The sisters with Nana followed by a picture of the 3 of us! We missed my mom, who's recovering from pneumonia! :(

A few of Kristen's dear friends (Allyson Windam, Laura McQueen, and Alli Sherman) along with Anne Parks and Nora McQueen! Precious girls.

Heather and her M-I-L, Mrs. Peggy!

Heather and one of her dearest childhood friends. Here's what's going on in this picture: Susanna is checking out Heather's tiny self, while Heather is trying to show off the new addition to Susanna's left ring finger! Yay Susanna!

....Heather with Susanna and Susanna's mom, Ms. Varner. I.LOVE.HER.

2 of our cousins, Lisa and Monica...followed by a picture of Lisa's daughters Tiffany and Candace, and Monica's daughters Brooklee and Amberlee). YES...there are lots of girls in our family! :)

Heather with Kristen's M-I-L and sister-I-L.

Kristen with her friend Erica and her son, Carr. You have no idea how squeezable that child is.

Heather with sweet Aimee Wiggins and adorable Asher! Is he a stud or what?
Nana with Trey's mom and aunt.
Heather and adorable Anna Little, who's about to get married and move to Starkville! YAY for new Starkville friends!

Finally, I had to include this picture of Anne Parks and Grace helping Heather. They were the cutest things and had a great time "assisting." :)

(Sorry...I didn't realize I'd end up posting so many pictures. I guess I thought they were all blog-worthy!) It's so fun to think that in just a few more weeks I'll have another nephew, (who, according to the ultrasound tech, appears to already have a head full of hair!). I can't wait.

I'm off to bed soon, I suppose. I've got a mere 4 days left of school before my much anticipated Spring Break, and I'm guessing it's going to be a crazy one! Here's to hoping the rest of the week will be as beautiful as it was today!

Welcome, spring!


The Segrest Family said...

so sad i missed it!!! i LOVE all of the decorations! y'all outdid yourselves!

AnnaLittle said...

What a cute party it was!!! And I'm so glad I got to hang out with y'all :)

We MUST be BFFs when I move, or I will be SUPER disappointed Laura!

Hope said...

LOVE the decorations. I love birds. :) (Used to not, but they have grown on me.)

Ford Family said...

Welcome back! Cute pictures and theme for the shower!

Trace's Space said...

so cute! I love reading your blog. You all look so great. heather is tiny. I'm sorry your mom had to miss and where was the adorable henry?

Heather said...

everything was PERFECT! I have the best sisters