Friday, March 12, 2010

and THAT'S why I love that place...

I love it when people give teachers discounts. But, I guess if I were in the military, I'd enjoy military discounts; if I were a senior citizen, I'd enjoy a discount at the movies, restaurants, etc.
It's not too often that you see clothing stores who give people in my profession a nice discount. It's one of the many reasons why Ann Taylor Loft is my fave.
When you sign up for "Loft For Teachers" (sorry, all you non-teachers out there), you'll not only receive coupons via email, but you'll also receive style guides like the one above, AND a 15% discount card that can be used never expires!
So what are you waiting for??? Click here and start receiving fun discounts!
Oh yeah...there's another reason why I love being a teacher oh so much--


The Robertsons said...

Move to Desoto county and you can benefit from the Perks program. Discounts all over the county:)

Katy said...

Thanks for your sweet comment and prayer request. I do love me some Ann Taylor Loft and the teacher discounts. =) We would be friends for sure.. Love all your inspirational sayings on your blog too. It made me smile and feel better. I'm glad I found your blog. Look forward to hearing what's going on with you.