Sunday, October 25, 2009

chilly weather, COWBELLS, and a celebration...

I'm sure most of you either heard about or watched the MSU/#1 ranked UF game last night. We made not have won the game, but we came very close to it and I was extremely proud of my boys. Definitely my favorite moment of the night:

The bulldogs played a great game, and I think Ole Miss is shaking in their cleats at the thought of playing us in the Egg Bowl in a few weeks! BRING IT ON REBS!It doesn't get much better than this.
A few tailgating pics: definitely got a little chilly!

An attempt for a quick snapshot with my little buddy before the game. I quickly learned that getting him still that long was NOT going to happen.

This afternoon, my mom, MSKS, and I hosted a shower for my dear friend Alexa, who, as you may recall, is getting married in just a few weeks! There was a great turn out at the shower and Alexa got some fabulous gifts (isn't that what's really most important?) :)
me and the pretty bride-to-be!

me and mom

me and MSKS

me and 2 of my best

I can't wait for Alexa's big day in December!



Heather said...

so fun. I hate I missed the game and the shower. you look sassy.
that picture of henry makes me laugh.
you come to see me this weekend!!! YIPPEE!

Anonymous said...

Seriously you think ole miss is already worrying about the state game?? We still have a lot of football to play between now and then....and I've heard a lot more talk about the three sec games we have before your bulldogs

Trace's Space said...

I will admit that I'm happy I won't be wearing Maroon any time soon :)

BUT - that game was a nailbiter for me.
I hated that BAD call - because who knows what might have happened.
Your boys really brought it and gave the Gators a huge run for their money.

Have a wonderful Monday! :)

Melanieshea said...

Cute pictures!!!! I was SOOOO wishing I would have been at the game Sat. night, but it was on in "Smith-Wade" Stadium...ha!!! NOW I'm on the hunt for State vs. Ole Miss tickets b/c that is a game I don't want to miss!!! ha!!!

AnnaLittle said...

My brother coached Johnthan Banks in high school at little East Webster High :) right down the road from Starkville!! WE LOVE HIM!

Had to brag :) LOVE the post. And you are right! BEWARE REBS!