Thursday, August 6, 2009

I made it.

Well. I survived my first day of school with students. GO ME. Other than the normal exhaustion that we teachers feel after this day, I guess I can't really complain. The most challenging part of the first few days is making sure each child gets not only gets on the correct bus, but I also have to be sure that each child is properly "labled" with their name, bus number, address, AND my name." What to know how long it takes to do that with 22 kids? A.long.time. Then of course, I have to walk them to their buses so that I can verify that they got on the correct bus. Sound fun? Don't be fooled.
Glad to get the first day over and very thankful that tomorrow is Friday!
Oh, and forgive my lack of blogging. Internet is giving me problems at home, and well, I'm probably going to be a little tied up here at school to have time to post in the afternoons! I'll do what I can. You won't be left hanging long. ;)


The Dumas Clan said...

I don't understand why you feel so tired! Do our bodies really forget what it is like to stand and talk ALL DAY?????

Kelli said...

So glad your first day went well. The bus thing is too much. Hopefully it will get easier! Hope you have a good day tomorrow as well.

The Robertsons said...

I thought about you several times today. Glad you survived!

Donna Alford said...

I know a lot of Moms and Dads are so thankful that their child got Miss Laura Tomlinson this year. Press on!