Saturday, August 1, 2009

finish the sentence...

I have to go back to school Monday, so any blogging I do before then needs to require as little thinking as possible.
This was seen on facebook. Requires a bit of typing, but not much thinking. I can handle it.
1.My ex is.......out of my life. Thank goodness.
2.Maybe I should.....turn off my computer, read, and GO TO BED.
3.I love......friends, family, Max, mexican food, Target, peanut butter, and diet coke.
4.People would say that I am.....organized. This is true. I'd like to thank my mom for this trait!
5. I don't to do my taxes. It's a mental block.
6.When I wake up in the morning......I take Max out and get to the coffee maker ASAP.
7.I have lost....the match to one of my favorite pairs of earrings. Sad.
8.Life is full of....adventure.
9.My past taught be stronger than I thought I could be and more patient than I thought I needed to be.
10.I get annoyed......when people litter, say the "f" word, smoke around me, or lie to me.
11.Parties are....great; as long as there is cake and/or wine involved! :)
12.I wish.....I would stop worrying about the future! GOD IS IN CONTROL!
13.Dogs .....are the best. I love Max. Don't know what I'd do without him!
14.Cats....are NO WHERE NEAR as good as dogs.
15.Tomorrow is....Sunday. Officially my last day of summer. I plan to go to church, go to the gym, and go to school and work for a while!
16.I have a low tolerance for......ignorant people.
17.If I had a million dollars....I would give really good gifts. Oh, and I probably wouldn't be renting a duplex anymore.
18.I am terrified....of car accidents, snakes, and roaches.
19.I've come to realize that my last kiss.....was actually quite great. ;)
20.I am listening to....Suzanne from "House Hunters"
21.I talk....on the phone often.
22.My friend(s).....are the best. No...seriously. They are.
23.My first real kiss.....was when I was 22. That's right. And you know what? It was quite worth the wait. ;)
24.Love is....."seeking the best for others regardless of its cost to you"
25.Marriage is...something I hope to experience one day!
26.Somewhere, someone is thinking...."I want some Mexican food"
27.I'll always....try to please others. Is that always a good thing? You tell me.
28.The last time I really cried......was probably about a month ago.
29.My cell phone is....always next to me. I'm usually quite easy to get in touch with.
30.Before I go to bed........ I will take Max out, brush my teeth, and say my prayers! :)
31.Right now I am thinking starting Monday.
32.Babies....are miracles. I want one.
33.Today I.....slept LATE, ran errands, worked out, worked in my classroom, and had a glass of wine with Claire.
34.I really want to...make a difference in someone's life.
35.Someone that will most likely re-post this is....hmmmm...I don' t know. Heather?, Claire?, MSKS?


Tassie said...

You got to work in your class this weekend? Our alarms were on and I so needed to get to my room so I could get my jump drive....grrr! See ya tomorrow at convocation!

Melanieshea said...

You know I love these and I will repost!!! :o)