Sunday, August 30, 2009

Fall fashion

I am a sucker for fashion magazines (ex. InStyle, People Style, etc). I especially love analyzing them from cover to cover when the seasons change. I grabbed the newest People Style Watch yesterday and got a chance to study it today. Sometimes I try to pretend like I know what's in style, but after browsing the "new fall looks," I discovered that I have no idea what I'm doing with myself! I thought it would be kind of me to share People's top ten "must haves for fall". Aren't I nice? Oh, and you should probably jot this down.
1. RED! Red shoes, red tops, red dresses, red bags, red belts, red ANYTHING. Red is IN.

2. SADDLEBAGS. Much like the one you see here: (WHO KNEW?!)

3. RUFFLES! I particularly like the bags with ruffles. Super fun.

4. LEOPARD! I used to despise leopard. I would want to throw up when I saw someone wearing it. Now, I can't get enough of it and it looks like I'm going to looking for more leopard to buy!

5. BLACK LEATHER. Who's pulling out the leather pants you once shamelessly owned?? Yikes.

6. LUG-SOLED HEELS. I'm not making any promises about this one, but I won't diss it until I at least try some on!

7. BOLD GOLD NECKLACES. Score. I can do this one. I love fun gold necklaces. And the bigger the better? That's just what I wanted to hear.

8. SHEATH DRESSES. I'm not sure I really understand what they mean by this. Hmmm.... I guess I need to do some research on this one. I'll get back to you.

9. NEON PINK AND BLACK. Is anyone else sorta kinda excited about this new trend? Hello 1987!!

10. LEGGINGS. I'm glad to see that they're still in. Perhaps I'll try a pair with zippers at the bottom. Who am I kidding??? I could NEVER pull that off. Forget I said that. More power to you though!

I was also shocked to find out that GREEN FINGERNAIL POLISH is in this fall! Perhaps I'll give that one a try! Green is, after all, my favorite color. Think my 2nd graders will like it??
OK, so who's ready to go shopping now???!!


Laura said...

Very informative, Laura. Looks I might need to pull out those black leather pants after all!

Heather said...

i had zebra pants in high school. Is zebra in? I am just saying i bet mama could find them for me.

Anonymous said...

I did a fashion segment last week with someone who said that "socks and open-toe heels" are in for fall. Apparently it lets you wear your open-toe shoes even when it gets chilly outside. We even had someone model them for us.

Um, a big NO WAY on that one. LOL

laura mcwhirter

Katie said...

I'm with Heather... I had a pair of red snake skin pleather pants in college. I.loved.them! Did it mention if those would come back?! :)

Hope said...

I just blogged about fashion!! ha! We must be on the same wavelength lately.......changing our blogs to a fall look at the same time, now fall fashion... Great minds think alike I guess!! :)