Thursday, October 25, 2012

We believe!

Though it may take a miracle for my Bulldogs to muster up a win in Tuscaloosa Saturday, the bulldog nation has FAITH!  This is the first time in years that both Bama and MSU have faced each other with undefeated seasons.  (Bama ranked #1; MSU ranked #11).
Here are just a few pictures I've seen via Facebook and Twitter.  Love it.

And HERE'S how I would love for the game to end!  This was in 1980, when Bama was, yet again #1. 



Lindsey B said...

I've loved all of the support I'm seeing on FB and twitter! Believing our Bulldogs can do it!

Morgan Tart said...

I think its time for a blog update!

loreun jeny said...

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