Monday, April 25, 2011

friends, birthdays, Easter, and a surprise! (whew!)

My wonderfully long weekend kicked off on Saturday morning, when I headed to the Cotton District Arts Festival (one of my most favorite Starkville events!) with Claire and MSKS. I'm sure that you know by now that these 2 are my oldest, and 2 of my very dearest friends in life. We had a blast spending the day together!

Saturday night, my family got together to celebrate my dad and his brother's (my uncle Bobby) birthdays,

We were asked to wear pink if we were predicting a girl and blue if we were predicting a boy!
Here is a group picture of the "girl" voters:

(Rob's grandmother, Rob, Heather, my aunt Stephanie, and my dad!)

...and here are the "boy" voters:(Bobby, Jones, Trey, me, Mom, Henry, Kristen, and both of Rob's parents).

Not one single person in the family knew the gender until the cake was cut!

It's a girl!

I was wrong yet again! :)

I'm so very excited to be welcoming my very first niece in October! Yay!


Kelli said...

So awesome! SO, who told the cake maker what color to put on the inside of the cake?! LOL.

LT (and Max!) said...

kelli--i'm pretty sure the ultrasound tech is the one responsible or ordering the cake (or either she put it in an envelope for kristen to take to the bakery!) :)

Katy said...

aww.. i'm so excited for ya'll!! a precious baby girl. yeah!!

Tracy~ said...

i love your sister's expression! so much fun! Yay for baby girls!