Sunday, April 17, 2011

a birthday, a tornado, and school on a SATURDAY!



After several consecutive days of craziness, I'm glad to be relaxing a little on this beautiful Sunday afternoon. I went to my "foot doctor" on Thursday, and am so excited that I have to no longer wear my walking boot AND after over 2 months of being unable to exercise, I've been given the "OK" to start working out again! He told me to wait at least another month before I try to run, but I'm just so excited to be able to get outside and walk! Max and I did just that a little earlier, and we both loved it!

I'm also thinking about sweet Jones, because he's ONE today! Happy birthday to my favorite little guy.


Now, in case you're not from around here or haven't paid attention to weather reports lately, my great state was hit by a tornado on Friday. Thankfully, it never got extremely bad here, but nevertheless, most of my day was spent in the hallway with my 24 2nd graders. We were prepared for it. There was a horrible storm and very strong winds, and because of the threat of tornadoes in our area, all students and teachers were at school until nearly 5:30. I was beyond exhausted that night, and I slept like a baby knowing that all of my little ones were home safely.

While Starkville was "in the clear" for the most part, Kristen and Rob's former town, Clinton (located about 140 miles SW from here), was a different story. Their old neighborhood in Clinton was demolished. As far as I know there were no fatalities, but so many homes were destroyed. In fact, Kristen's dear friend Meghan (who lived just down the street from Kristen) lost her home in the tornado. Neither she, nor her precious little boy were home during the time thank goodness. Still, can you imagine if this is what your house looked like when you got home from work?

Please add Meghan and her son Colton to your prayer list as they encounter many difficult days in the upcoming weeks.

Click here to see more pictures Clinton after that devastating tornado.


Now, you're probably what I mean when I say "School on a Saturday." Well, people, I meant just that. Due to the fact that we missed 4 days of school due to the snow a few months ago, we were required to make up one of those days yesterday. Yes-on a Saturday! Did I enjoy going to school on a Saturday? Not so much NO. Do I hope we get to do it again soon? Negative. However, when I thought about what many people were experiencing in Clinton yesterday, I suddenly found myself without a real reason to complain... Enjoy your day, thank God for the roof over your head, and count your blessings!


The Andersons said...

Those tornado pics are just plain scary! After viewing the tornado damage, I didn't find much to complain about Sat. myself. Thank God we are all safe! And on a much lighter note, congrats on being able to get "physically fit" again! :)

Anisa said...

Glad you survived Saturday school! I am sure that was rough.