Saturday, January 29, 2011

more great news!

Meredith's surgery was a success yesterday, and the doctors didn't see anything that really alarmed them. Meredith called this morning, and she sound great, although she said she was still in a good bit of pain. Her optimism and strong faith have absolutely amazed me during this entire ordeal. She's a true example of someone who lives their life by complete FAITH in God. I admire her strength so much.
Anyway, she and Vic are still in L.A., and are planning to meet with the doctor first thing Monday morning. They will then get the final results of the surgery; and if all goes well, they'll head back to TX shortly after (she's dying to get back to that sweet baby of hers!). There has been nothing but good news thus far, so please pray that she receives even more good news on Monday!
Meredith told me that she's absolutely blown away by the number of people who have prayed for her, emailed her, called her, sent cards to her, etc., and that she wishes there was some way she could thank everyone. But trust me, your kindness has not been ignored!
For more specific details and updates, please read Meredith's sister's blog.
Again...thank you for loyally praying for this dear best friend of mine.

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