Tuesday, January 25, 2011

I'm still here. I promise I am.

Goodness gracious. I feel like it's been forever since I blogged! I don't really think I have an excuse for my absence, but I promise you that I'm still here and will be back to my regular and sometimes pointless blog posts soon!
I do have an important reason for blogging tonight. I need you to pray for my dear friend Meredith. She's no stranger to my blog. In fact, you may recall that a little over a month ago, I flew to TX to visit her.
Anyway, I'm copying and pasting an email I just sent to a few friends and family members. Please keep Meredith and her family in your upcoming prayers.
Here's the email I sent:
Hey friends!
I'm asking for prayers again!
Most of you probably know Meredith (Murphy) Horn, who is one of my very best friends in all of this world. Anyway... sweet Meredith was recently diagnosed with malignant melanoma. The plan right now is for her and her husband Vic to fly to Los Angeles tomorrow to see a melanoma specialist there and to undergo surgery sometime in the next week. As you can imagine, Meredith is very scared and nervous right now, but she is remaining very optimistic about the whole situation. Her parents (who live here in Starkville) flew to TX to be with her, Vic, and sweet baby Madeleine today, and I know she's so very glad to have them there with her. They will probably stay with Madeleine (5 months old) while Meredith and Vic travel.
She asked me to spread the word about her situation because she absolutely believes in the power of prayer! So, I ask YOU to not only pray for this precious person, but also to forward this information to anyone who you believe will loyally pray for Meredith too. Pray specifically for Meredith and Vic to have a peace of mind, and above all, please pray that the cancer has not spread to any other spot in her body. Our God is an awesome God and He is good ALL of the time!
Please pray for my sweet Meredith. I will send another mass email as soon as I hear the results of her upcoming surgery.
She appreciates all of your prayers (and well....I do too!!!)!


Wade's World said...


jwhite said...

Scary... praying for Meredith and her family as I type! Praying God will shower her with smaller graces that she can see and appreciate as she waits for answers on this big issue in her life right now... also, praying for healing - quick :)

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The Heath's said...

Oh my gosh! I had no idea! I need to make sure my sister (elissa bonner) knows! Praying for mere! Our God is healer and I am believing for TOTAL healing in her body.

Claire Gillentine said...

Oh so sad, love sweet Meredith. Haven't seen her in a few but always such a sweet sweet person. I will for sure be praying for her...and of course her sweet family. Thanks for the update Laura.

Kissey said...

could you add me to your email update? her dad is our pastor in starkville. laurenmc.lang@gmail.com.


Jenn Prather said...

Laura, I know we dont really know each other, But I found your post about your friends through some of my friends. I am praying for her. I will never understand this but God is in control. My cousin who has 2 small children just started her first round of treatment for stage 4 melanoma at Vandy on Monday! Praying for a miracle for both of them!!!!