Monday, September 6, 2010

a winning weekend!!!

Want to know why this was what I would call a winning weekend (I love using alliteration)?
Well...I've conveniently created a bulleted list to answer just that:
  • MSU won their season opener vs. Memphis!
  • And not only THAT, but Heather, Trey, and Jones got to be here for the win (and I ran into a couple of pretty great friends!)...

  • OH! And almost as equally thrilling as us winning our season opener, Ole Miss lost theirs. :)
  • Trey celebrated his 30th birthday yesterday (don't worry, buddy, I'm right behind you!)! What a fantastic b-i-l he is! And I wish you could see him with that sweet baby. He's such a natural daddy! HAPPY 30th TREY!
  • And FINALLY, today was Labor Day, which meant no work for me!

I enjoyed my day of relaxation. I think I'm ready to conquer this 4 day week and looking forward to MSU vs. Auburn on Thursday night. I'll be there with my cowbell in hand!

Have a fantastically wonderful (and hopefully 4 day!) week!


Cindy said...

Boo on the Ole Miss loss but still think your blog is super cute!! xo

Lani said...

looks like a great weekend!

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