Tuesday, September 28, 2010

a few things...

Happy Tuesday, all! Is anybody else loving this weather? I've so enjoyed jogging in 75 degree weather as opposed to 100 degree weather. It's so nice to actually be able to breathe outside again, isn't it? My fingers are crossed that this weather is here to stay for a while!
I'm going to be brief and random tonight. There are several things on my mind that I want to share, but I'm also tired, so forgive me if I don't elaborate on each item.:
1. Have I told you how much I love the weather? Because I do.
2. I've changed my email address. Who knew that doing such would cause so much craziness? Changing my address meant: NOT ONLY, that I had to notify friends about the change, but I've also changed my blog email address, which means that I had to create a new profile and it no longer shows that I'm following the same blogs (OK-wow-that was a BAD run on sentence. I'm a teacher and I'm aware of this. I'm just too tired to correct it at this time.) I've had the same email address for probably 10 years and I was getting fed up with the junk I was receiving. I ditched hotmail and headed on over to gmail. My email address is now LTmsstate@gmail.com (make note. I mean- if you want to). Now...does anybody know what I need to get my blog comments emailed to my NEW address instead of the old one? I tried to figure it out earlier and it started to make me crazy.
3. I love Dr. Phil. I've shamelessly mentioned this before. Anybody else with me here? If not, allow me to suggest that you start watching The Real Housewives of Dr. Phil every Tuesday. It's like watching a reality show--but with Dr. Phil sitting there giving his genius advice. I can't really explain it. Just watch it. I love him (and I have a crush on his musician son). I think the world would be a better place if Dr. Phil could be everyone's therapist.
4. Trey, Heather, and Jones are coming this weekend. I just can't wait!
5. I've been keeping up with and praying for this little girl, and want to ask you to do the same.
6.OH...and you don't think miracles can happen? Well, THIS amazing woman is living proof that God DOES exist and miracles DO happen!
Praise God!
Now....it's my bedtime.
Is it sad that my favorite time of the day is the second my head hits the pillow?


The Hensons said...

click on "design"

then click on "settings"

then click on "comments"

then scroll down to the bottom and you will see "comment notification email"

put in your new email address

The Hensons said...

and then you have to "save" changes....

LT (and Max!) said...

awesome...thanks for your help! :)