Monday, August 23, 2010

birthdays, babies, and boys.

I kinda feel like it's been a while since I had a real blog post. Not that I lead an unbelievably exciting life or anything, but I do have a pretty good life and I enjoy blogging about it, whether you like it or not.
You know how you can spend several weekends being bored-out-of-your-mind, while other weekends are so crammed full you can barely breathe? Well I had one of those non-breathable weekends this past weekend. Don't get me wrong--while I thoroughly enjoy spending some weekends doing nothing (aka sleeping til noon), I also like to have fun things planned with very fun people.
I co-hosted a baby shower for my friend Heather on Saturday. I thought it was perfect for her. I put some time into planning this shower, but I'll probably never feel as though I've done enough to show express how much I love this sweet friend. God has blessed me with wonderful friends WAY beyond I deserve, so I know I say this often, but seriously...everybody needs a friend like this one.
Isn't she the cutest preggo? I can't wait to meet Thomas Brodie in December!
...and how about this cake? I'm pretty excited about the new bakery/coffee shop in Starkville (Owned by a college girl who just so happens to be a KD at State. Woop!) Isn't she so talented? The cake was pretty yummy too, I must say.Kristen (now being a fellow Starkvillian) helped host the shower, and Heather and Mom were able to come. Good times!

Saturday night we celebrated Trey's upcoming 30th birthday at my parents' house. Trey is a fellow '99 grad, so he and I have that special bond--only he hits the big 3-0 a few months before me!

I'm so glad my sister married this guy. He's pretty much like a brother. And as you can tell, Henry is pretty fond of his Uncle Trey, too. Happy early birthday to my dear B-I-L!

And wait...

My weekend didn't end here. On Sunday, my wonderful Mom hosted a Sip-and-See for sweet Jones. Have I told you how cute this little guy is? I just think he's cuter everytime I see him. Here are some pics from the Sip-and-See:I suppose I should just leave you with some more pictures of my precious boys...

I hope your Monday was as great as mine!

(Who am I kidding? I'm thrilled Monday is behind me!)


The Segrest Family said...

These pictures are great! You all look beautiful and the boys are precious of course! Guess what?! Hailey who made that cake is Chad's cousins' girlfriend! She is precious - she has made lots of cakes for our family functions and hopefully will be making Camp's birthday cake! yummm!

Silver Strands said...

That cake! WOW ... love it!

Kelli said...

Sounds like a very fun weekend. Glad you enjoyed your time with family and friends!