Monday, July 12, 2010

this and that!

I got to see Shannon in Oxford last week! She lives in Nashville (as you may remember), and I haven't seen her since my half marathon last year! RIDICULOUS! Although we only got to hang out for a day, it was fantastic. She's just the best.(Not particularly the best picture we've ever taken, but I had to document our time together, right?)
The next night I spent some time with Henry as he entertained me while running through the sprinklers! He thought it was the best thing ever.
(Not too sure what's going on in this one...)

On another note, I began working in my classroom this week. I truly have mixed feelings about this time of the year!
Only a few more precious weeks left until I'm back to "the real world"!

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The Dumas Clan said...

i know the much to do!